Saturday, April 1, 2017

FOIA Requests Seek Documents on Sexually Harassed Librarians

Here are rare FOIA requests seeking documents on sexually harassed librarians:

If you are a sexually harassed librarian, I will FOIA any library for you.  Simply contact me and I'll keep your confidentiality and anonymity in place.  

American Library Association will not help you.  ALA people will actively work to silence you, like Michael Sauers did.  

I will try to help you.  I may be the only person who will at least try.  Basically, I will file FOIA requests and I will publish any response and any other information I am provided or that my research uncovers.  

In a profession so bent on free speech, sexually harassed librarians are intentionally censored out.  Let me help you overcome that hurdle, that censorship.  I may be the only person willing to listen without being judgmental, and I'm willing to help.